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The Output FORMAT feature now is available!

Hi, recently we have added a new great functionality - result output Format. Now you have possibility to format the output result. Just click on the "Format" icon on entity, specify its name and select the format you need. The output data will be formatted in accordance to the settings you specified.


Output Format feature

 By using Output Format you can:
- Apply format to all entities: ID, Labels, Table Columns, Textboxes;
- Specify if format is shared to another templates (the "Global" checkbox);
- Remove spaces or symbols from Amounts or strings;
- Replace one string/symbol with another one;
- Add symbols to Amounts (from: "475" to "$475" or "475$" or "475 $");
- Extract substring from string;
- Filter only numbers or letters;
- Change the Date format;
- and many another features!...


The PDF2Data Team