Take advantage of automated data extraction

PDF2Data — ideal solution for extract data from documents

PDF2Data — the ultimate solution for data extraction and automated invoice processing.


  Electronic documents have become essential part of our life. Document formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, Word, Excel and others often used to exchange data — invoices, forms, lists, tables, statistics, catalogs... that need to be processed manually. 

  The PDF2Data web service will allow youto focuson business processesrather than on manual work. Thisservice allows you automatically extract data from pdf invoices and other documents (not only PDF) and convertit tologically structured XMLformatthat easily integrates intoyour organi zation.  We are different from other similar invoice processing software because you pay only for what you use.  Do not waste yourtime, letthe PDF2Datado all thework for you.


Save time by using automatic document management software.

  Save time

  Do you have a lot of documents, from which you input the information manually in to the database or ERP day after day? We have a solution that will save your precious time. PDF2Data web service is able to take your work and make it automatic by extracting text from PDF or scanned documents. No more need for manual work, no more need to search for information, you can now dedicate more time to your business!


Convert pdf to text, pdf to data or ocr to text.

  Ideal for extract data

  PDF2Data is created to extract the necessary information without human intervention. You can extract data from invoices or from any kind of document. We provide also Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for scanned documents. The user must choose once the information that interests him, and then the system itself will extract information, will export it to XML and will send the result back automatically through the API interface for all similar files.


Export documents to xml has never been so easy!

  Easy to use

  The PDF2Data web interface is very simple, sleek and intuitive. If you are in doubt just click on the "View interactive help" icon and view the animated help for actions to do. Just try and be surprised! The Control Panel provides the following interface languages: English, Deutsch, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Romanian. Also, you can always watch our video tutorials on YouTube™, send us feedback or write to our support team.


The ultimate document processing software with automatic data extraction.


  Yes! We invented exactly what you've been waiting for — the document processing software with automation of data extraction. Our innovative layout instruments and advanced template creation technology, intelligent search algorithms and know-how allow to do what was impossible yesterday  forget the manual work.


Export to XML, extract text from PDF, extract text from invoices to XML.

  Export to XML

  Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable. By exporting documents to XML you spend very little time to integrate our service into your business. You can convert to XML any kind of document — scanned or electronic.


Automatic document management software.

  Dedicated API

  Our API interface allows easy integration of PDF2Data into your program, service or ERP. It is really easy and takes little time and effort. Your program will automatically send documents to our server, and in return will get results. Now you can have real automatic document management.