Take advantage of automated data extraction

  • Automate your work

    Now you can forget manual input, just click and relax.
    no more exhausting work
    save time easy
  • Easy and intuitive

    The web service interface for template creating is very simple.
    learn to use quickly
    sleek interface

  PDF2Data® is the new generation of intelligent document and invoice processing software. It helps companies significantly increase efficiency by automating data extraction from electronic and paper-based documents. Forms, invoices, tables, lists, catalogs — all the data you need will be extracted and converted to XML format which can be easily integrated to your business, ERP or another software.

  Our software is very helpful for automated document processing and management, text extraction and other activities where there is a lot of manual work. We also offer you Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service for data extraction from scanned documents. No more manual data entry — be effective with PDF2Data.

PDF2Data — automated data extraction

pdf2data folder

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Save time by using automatic document management software.

Save time   

 PDF2Data service gives you the opportunity to save time and money when you have to manually process a lot of invoices or PDF documents day after day.


Convert pdf to text, pdf to data or ocr to text.

Ideal for extract data

 All you need to do is upload your PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point or Scanned document and specify just one time the information that you want to export.


Export documents to xml has never been so easy!

Easy to use 

 The PDF2Data web interface is very simple and intuitive. You learn very quickly how to create a template.


The ultimate document processing software with automatic data extraction.


 Our innovative technology and know-how do what until now has been impossible — you save time without effort.


Export to XML, extract text from PDF, extract text from invoices to XML.

Export to XML

 By exporting into a universal file format XML you spend very little time to integrate our service into your business.

Automatic document management software.

Dedicated API

 Additionally we have an API interface for integrating PDF2Data into your software, web service or ERP.


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