Воспользуйтесь преимуществом автоматического извлечения данных

XML to JSON converter

We have added the possibility to export our XML output result directly to the JSON file format. The is possibility to add also other output formats, like CSV, TXT, etc.

New feature: Document structure

Hello dear customers. We are excited to introduce the new feature: Document structure.

This feature by default will be active on all templates. Now the information is extracted more correctly, you can define the position of your entity inside of document structure simply by "dragging" it by icon. Very simple, but powerful!

"Fuzzy search" options are implemented

The totally new "Fuzzy search" option is ready to help you in processing of scanned documents!

You can apply it to the lables, tables, texboxes and IDs. The fuzzy search can achieve value of strong, standard or custom.

Check yor Fuzzy search settings inside of template.

NEW OCR settings

New OCR settings available now!

You can change document OCR processing settings inside of templates. There is available different fine-tuning options. Now OCR is more precise and powerfull. Check your template for new OCR settings.