Take advantage of automated data extraction

C# API released!

Hi, we've released PDF2Data C# API. Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or later to open API and sample project. Now you can integrate our data extraction service into your Windows applications and automatically receive results without manual downloading of XML file! Use "Support" button if you have any problem!

Microsoft Office and Open Office documents are supported

In addition to the PDF file format we added "experimental" support for some Microsoft Office, Open Office and other formats. Now you can create templates for automatic data extraction or text exctraction from *.doc, *.xls, *.ppt or another files. Please check the list of supported formats on API page. The entire list will be updated in process of addition of new formats. 

Java API released!

Hi, we've released PDF2Data Java API. Now you can integrate our service into your applications or services and automatically receive results without manual downloading of XML file! We also offer you a Java sample-project, so you can immediately try it in action. See the API section on website. Feel free to ask questions if you have any difficulties!


Hello, we launched the FREE beta version of the service PDF2Data on Marketplace. At the moment, there is no fee for using the service, all for free! Welcome to test and give feedback! If you have questions you can ask them here or directly at page of PDF2Data web service, just click on the icon "Feedback". And now — CLICK and Go!


NB: at this point, the beta application will only work with initially electronic PDF documents, but soon will be supported Word, Excel, Power Point and scanned documents. The "secured" documents and password-protected documents are not supported at this moment.


We recommend to use latest browser Google Chrome™ or Mozilla Firefox™.