Take advantage of automated data extraction

7 New Features

PDF2Data is a leading data extraction software. Recently we have added 7 new functionalities:

  • Preview raw result:
    Now you have possibility to preview extracted result "as is", without any filter, format or formula applied.preview raw result

  • Preview formatted result:
    After applying of data Format or Sum check rules you can switch between the row result and the final result.preview formatted result

  • Manual data entry / error correction:
    Add data manually, correct wrong data, fix table lines and much more...manual data entrymanual data entry2

  • Error notification area:
    PDF2Data can check data extraction for some errors. If they are present - the red button will appear. Click to It to understand what type of error is occured.error notification

  • Validation rules:
    Sometimes quality of OCR invoices is poor. PDF2Data can run some tests to understand if the Sums are equal and was extracted correctly.validation rules

  • Add / Remove anchor on tables:
    To add or remove the anchor just click to its icon.add remove

  • Three Settings buttons:
    Added the Preprocessing, Postprocessing and Validation buttons. Easy to use. More data extraction options.3 buttons

The PDF2Data Team