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Top 7 New Features added recently

Hi, guys! We have done the hard work on our service. We have added new features that have been demanded by our users. Read all features and if you have any questions - we will be happy to answer you!


PDF2Folder Client is released:

PDF2Folder is a Desktop program that automates the transfer of invoices to the recognizing server and getting of the results. The program is cross platform because is written in Java.


Operator interface for error checking:
Now you have the opportunity to choose - to entrust our operator to correct all errors or to correct them on their own. For example, If a label was not found automatically.


Batch of scanned PDF files:
Now you can send though API a batch of scanned pdf files. The files will be automatically separated each from another by "Separator sheet", recognized and the results will be returned.


Added API request for template schema:
The template shema is a list of all entities (Labes, Tables, Texts) contained in a template. This option is very useful for automate associations with ERP or Accounting software.


Added API request for credit info:
You can check your credits for electronic, ocr and combined pages also through API.


Improved OCR recognition:
The Optical Character Recognition was improved. Now the small errors are automatically corrected.


"Combined" pages are implemented:
Now you can buy also "combined" pages which consist of Electronic and OCR pages. The benefit is that you pay less on average than if you were paying separately.